Thanks to the use of very fine gauges, artworks with shaded effects can be easily created. The use of the inverse-plating, to create a greater number of available colours and tones, has contributed to obtain the effect by ensuring that even the weight of the sample has no disadvantage, together with inlay and intarsia.


By adding petinet, it was also given relief to the whole sample by using only 8 yarn feeders.



Machine: STOLL ADF530-32 Ki Bc W Multi Gauge

Gauge: 10.2

Techniques: Jacquard, Intarsia, Inlay, Ikat-plating, Petinet.

Yarn Count Composition Colour Yarn Mill
Ermes Nm 1/65000 27%Metallizzato 15%PL 58%VI Fuxia 127 Torcitura Di Domaso
Ice Nm 1/80000 82%CO 18%PL Black 9E3610 Suedwolle
Ice Nm 1/80000 82%CO 18%PL Black 763604 Suedwolle
Noir Nm 1/70000 82%CO, 18%PA Rosso scuro 101241 Lineapiù
Zerbion Dtex 160/300 100% PES Caffè ZC037 Sinterama

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