A prototype handcrafted, with the help of a shoemaker.

We do not produce footwear but we offer this knitted application to be used as an embroidery.


Double inlayed yarns added to an ikat plated stitch. Shaped as required by the paper pattern, it is particularly suited to the three-dimensionality of the foot: no cut is required and there is no waste.


In knitwear it is easy to dedicate a jacquard area for the brand logo.


The thermosetting materials offer a good consistency to the knitted upper which can also be placed and sewn to a leather or hide part.


Machine: STOLL ADF530-32 Ki Bc W Multi Gauge

Gauge: 7.2

Techniques: Stoll-ikat plating®, Stoll-weave-in®, Partial processing or Flexage

Yarn Count Composition Colour Yarn Mill
Canapo Nm 1/ 4.900 100% CA Black 9E3777 Suedwolle
Canapo organico Nm 1/ 4.900 100% CA Safari 2E3806 Suedwolle
Diolen® 3D Forming Dtex 150f38x1 100% PES Nut 8383 TWD Fibres
Glitter Nm 140 52%Metallizzata 48% PA Amber Gold BE.MI.VA.
Heatofit (300TP 2001+7202) Dtex 300 CO-PES Black Sinterama
PRM 2520 Nm 112 PM 52% PA 48% Black 520.1 Lurex
Tecno-PE NE  40/2 100% PES Black 10014 Leferon

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