We create exclusive proposals for different types of customers. Our competence and creativity allow us to firmly express a message: “We propose, you develop”.

Everyone can start from a little knitted swatch and project his own vision on it.

Someone sees a skirt, others a sandal, or a pochette or even much more.

We do not put limits to creativity: our machines are designed to support the most sophisticated needs of designers and translate them into reality.


This stitch represents a new way of weaving and is characterized by several factors: it is compact but light, the appearance is rich, reversible, suitable for various types of products and very similar to an embroidered fabric.


Machine: STOLL ADF530-32 Ki Bc W Multi Gauge

Gauge: 7.2

Techniques: Stoll-Ikat plating®, Stoll weave in® double-face, fully fashion.

Yarn Count Composition Colour Yarn Mill
Diolen® 3D Forming Dtex 150f38x1 100% PES Nut 8383 TWD Fibres
Canapo Nm 1/ 4.9 100% CA Back 9E3777 Suedwolle
Canapo organico Nm 1/ 4.9 100% CA Bio Safari 2E3806 Suedwolle
Glitter Nm 140 52%Metallizzata 48% PA Amber Gold BE.MI.VA.
Tecno-P-E Ne 40/2 100% PES Black 10014 Leferon
PRM 520 Nm 112 PM 52% PA 48% Black 520.1 Lurex
Chiffon Nm 2/90 66%VI 34%PA Black 9E3636 Suedwolle

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