Intarsia with petinet and jacquard: a mix of stitches and yarns to create a very “crispy” and light lace effect.

The importance of the little things can make a difference in your garments


“Not Just Sweaters” – We also emphasize accessories: small details can enrich your garments.


In this case a combination of stitches and yarns, to create the aspect of the lace used as a rouche.


Machine: STOLL ADF530-32 Bc W

Gauge: 14

Techniques: Intarsia, Jacquard, Gore-technique, Petinet.

Yarn Count Composition Colour Yarn Mill
Riflesso Nm 1/40 80% CO 20% PA Avio 57061 Filpucci
Nylon 6 TRT Dtex 78×3 100% PA Blu Tecnoyarn
Lurex Nm 112 52% PM 48% PA Nero pmr 2520 Bemiva
Noele Nm 1/70 100%VI Blu navy Bemiva
Lumiere Nm 60 100%VI Dark blue Filpucci
Noir Nm 70 82% CO, 18% PA Blu 4430 Lineapiù

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