Stoll Italia, based in Carpi (province of Modena), is the subsidiary of the German manufacturer “H.Stoll AG & Co.KG”, and has been a strong reference for the Italian market since 1989. STOLL is an international leader in the production of innovative flat knitting machines, part of the Karl Mayer Group since July 2020.

The mission of Stoll Italia is not only to continue to satisfy the demand of the fashion market, but also setting new targets addressed to other sectors. Thanks to the peculiarities of knitwear, the intent is to offer new solutions within a constantly evolving context.

The machines technology, combined with the experience in the use of various materials, allows Stoll Italia to act as a consultant for companies, supporting them in the research and development of tailor-made solutions, whatever the sector may/might be: medical, footwear, sports, automotive, interior design, lighting, safety garments, and much more.

Several brands and leading companies already relied on Stoll Italia to carry out innovative projects, receiving a guarantee of maximum confidentiality during the whole process. Once the “cross-design” project is finished, the company continues to support customers with a wide network of reliable partners, who can be involved in the production phases.

The large archive of prototypes, collected in over thirty years at the Carpi headquarter, provides creative ideas and inspiration to designers in the fashion industry and beyond. The samples of the archive are provided of “knitting programs” complete of information about the employed yarns, from which studies and projects can start. An extensive online archive can be consulted at any time:


Precious, textured and unconventional: “Doodle or Scarabocchio” projects knitwear into the world of interior design and architecture. This unusual “wall-system” divider expresses the desire to obtain an innovative design with an artisanal aesthetic.

Our goal is to provide the knowledge to combine, thanks to knitting, many types of materials, colors, shapes (including 3D), to obtain products having appearance, aesthetics, functionality and other characteristics, not replicable with other technologies.

As an alternative to trade fairs, not permitted by the Covid regulations, Stoll Italia decided to deepen the study of some projects to be proposed to the furniture and design sectors.

The STOLL “State of the Art” machines are the starting point for a new knitwear application. Precious and unconventional: “Doodle or Scarabocchio” projects knitwear into the world of interior design, creating an unprecedented “wall-system” divider.

What is thus created can take on different appearances, as shown by the models presented. “Doodle or Scarabocchio” adapts to customers’ needs.

The design is modulated with the help of different yarns, selected to preserve the natural softness of the knit or to give it a particular texture that is obtained through a combined thermo-hardening process. The options are almost endless.

This model conveys the feeling of being in front of an ancient wrought iron gate, eroded by time.

Thanks to the use of an appropriate technology, combined with manual skills, craftsmanship becomes industrial. The entire production process can take place within the same factory, reducing management and production times and costs as well as ensuring maximum confidentiality.

Particular attention to the issue of sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact has given birth to a “zero-waste” piece of furniture, also feasible in a version made of 100% recyclable mono-material.

One of the design concepts of “Doodle or Scarabocchio” is modularity, which expresses its most versatile soul.

The “wall-system” adapts to the needs of those who use it, offering a wide range of solutions: a glossy or mat effect, customizable shapes and sizes, mono or multi-material, single or multicolored “tiles”.

The intrinsic properties of knitwear, even when thermo-hardened, bring natural flexibility to furniture design.

This guarantees a certain elasticity and possibility to integrate the product both within linear structures and curved ones. Applications are almost endless.


With an adequate technology, everything is produced inside the same factory, enhancing a green approach and greater confidentiality.

A system that reduces the environmental and economic impact generated during production and shipping. This furnishing features a “zero waste” design, also possible in a 100%recyclable version.

Furnishings have the dual function of separating and connecting.

The special texture of knitwear lets light filter through, creating a balance between contrasts and transparencies.

Decorative and geometric patterns are projected into the environment, enhancing it with a “see-through” effect thanks to the characteristics of the material.

This model features a reticular vision, made up of contemporary weaves focusing on color.

The options are almost endless.

In its system made up of tiles, “Doodle or Scarabocchio” manages to dress various types of structures, giving life to totally customizable and modular effects of shapes and colors.

A knitted carpet on the floor coplete the colour armony

A closer view reveals the knitted stitches of each single “tile”, giving a better idea of their texture, colors and relief shape.

“Doodle or Scarabocchio” wall-system can be shipped either completely assembled or with the “single tiles” stacked and ready to be set up independently, together with all the components.

This guarantees a high degree of customization at any time, reducing assembly and transport costs.

Knitting tiles are following the shape of the metal frame they dress, creating curved and 3-dimensional effect.

“INTERNATIONAL ALPHABET FOR INTERNATIONAL KNITTING” was Stoll Italia’s response to the theme proposed by Pitti Immagine: “Show Your Flags at Pitti”.

A study of stitches and different knitting techniques used to make the flags of the nautical and international alphabet.

Pitti Filati, Florence 2020.

Some carpets and wall panels exhibited by Stoll Italia during Pitti Filati, Florence 2020

Knitwear enters interior design with an extraordinary range of proposals: partitions, carpets, seats, light structures and much more.

Pitti Filati booth, decorated with some knitted items, as an example of sound absorbers, Florence 2020

Pitti Filati booth, decorated with some knitted items, Florence 2020.

Also 3D shaping is an important characteristic reachable with knitting technology.

A few knitted lampshade-covers exhibited by Stoll Italia during ITMA, Barcelona 2019.

A few knitted fabrics dedicated to the interior design, exhibited by Stoll Italia during ITMA, Barcelona 2019.

Stoll Italia periodically organizes sessions dedicated to the training of designers, programmers, and technicians.

STOLL machines are constantly evolving to respond and anticipate the market demands.