What can be done using only one yarn feeder for the ground colour and 24 yarn feeders for the intarsia?


A sample of knitted stitches and yarns, all in the same swatch


The sample is very thin and uses precious yarns for a very delicate effect.


Looking at the panel on the front or on the back side, different effects are visible. An intarsia knitted on the front, is clearer. The one made on the back side of the panel reveals the transparency of the colours on the front. The result is therefore a play of shades, obtained thanks to very fine yarns of various types.


Overlapping stitches, colours and materials, create a “knitted veil” that reveals transparencies and shades of colours. The state-of-the-art technology offers many possibilities.


Intarsia, Jacquard and petinet are the techniques of this proto.


The Stoll ADF530-32 Ki W E.10.2 has 32 motorized yarn feeders to be used for normal work, intarsia, plating and inlay within the same pattern.



Machine: STOLL ADF530-32 Ki W Multi Gauge

Gauge: 10.2

Techniques: Intarsia, Jacquard, Petinet

Yarn Count Composition Colour Yarn Mill
 Ice  Nm 1/80000 82% CO 18% PA Mattone 7E3606 Suedwolle
 Noir  Nm 1/70000 82% CO 18% PA Arancio Z9473 Lineapiù
 Erisilk  Nm 2/210000 100 % SE Marrone 413 Torcitura Di Domaso
 Ermes  Nm 1/6500 27%Metallizzato 15% PL 58% VI Fuxia 127 Torcitura Di Domaso
 Essenza  Nm 1/44000 76% VI 24% PA Marroncino 1509 Filpucci
 Ghostb  Nm 1/150000 100%PA Rosso 17104 Millefili
 Glacè  Nm 67000 70% CO, 30% PES Marrone 0024 Manifattura Sesia
 Glacè  Nm 67000 70% CO30%PES Bordeaux Manifattura   Sesia
 Glitter  Nm 140 52%Metallizzata 48% PA Amber Gold BE.MI.VA.
 Metal Lario  Dtex 220 70%PL 30%INOX Beige Trendfil
 Metalvolpissimo  Dtex 172 100%PL Rame 148 Trendfil
 Metalvolpissimo  Dtex 172 100%PL Beige 172 Trendfil
 Metalvolpissimo  Dtex 172 100%PL Rosa mel 649 Trendfil
 Metalvolpissimo  Dtex 172 100%PL Oro Trendfil
 Metalvolpissimo  Dtex 172 100%PL Bordeaux 3007 Trendfil
 Osteno  Nm 130000 100%PES Arancio Trendfil
 Paganini  Nm 3/210000 100%SE Arancio 181 Torcitura Di Domaso
 Paganini  Nm 3/210000 100%SE Beige 412 Torcitura Di Domaso
 Paganini  Nm 3/210000 100%SE Rosso 155 Torcitura Di Domaso
 Paganini  Nm 3/210000 100%SE Fuxia 440 Torcitura Di Domaso
 Selene  Nm 70000 80%VI 20%SE Rosa Loropiana
 Selene  Nm 70000 80%VI 20%SE Oromelange 48 Loropiana
 Selinde  Nm 2/120000 100%SE Rosso 879 Manifattura Sesia
 Zerbion  Dtex 160/300 100% PES Caffè ZC037 Sinterama
Glitter  Nm 140 52%Metallizzata 48% PA Camel Gold BE.MI.VA.

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