This very light scarf is made of net stitch and we all know how difficult it is to make it without having to interrupt it with the traditional binding between two intarsia fields.

In this case, using the selective plating technique, there is always a yarn knitted between two colour fields that keeps them “tied” together without interrupting the net stitch. Thank to this technique it is easier to create print-like designs and effects. In this item, yarns and colours have been mixed to achieve a gradient effect.


Machine: STOLL ADF530-32 Ki Multi Gauge

Gauge: 7.2

Techniques: Intarsia, Selective-plating, Stoll-Ikat plating ®, Petinet net stitch

Yarn Count Composition Colour Yarn Mill
Dragon Nm 2/120 100% SE Arancio Botto Poala
Fenice Nm 2/60 100% WO Prugna 9057 Igea
Fenice Nm 2/60 100% WO Rosso Igea
Noir Nm 1/70 82% VI 18% PA Dark Blue 15619 Lineapiù
Noir Nm 1/70 82% VI 18% PA One Love 100387 Lineapiù
Noir Nm 1/70 82% VI 18% PA Bordeaux 101241 Lineapiù
Noir Nm 1/70 82% VI 18% PA Lambretta 99449 Lineapiù
Viscrèpe Nm 1/30 100% VI Canapa 607636 Filpucci
Millenium Nm 2/60 100% WO Fuxia 27217 Zegna Baruffa

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